ICT Innovations 2022

The focal point for this year’s conference is Reshaping the future towards a new normal. 
The COVID-19 pandemic, as a major event in human history, has made an impact in nearly all aspects of our lives. Serious challenges have appeared in healthcare, economy, transportation, education, culture, and so on. Adaptation to the new situation has resulted in various innovative solutions to different issues, shaping the new normal. With hope of soon termination of the pandemic, human society needs various actions for easier and faster recovery.  
We invite scholars with different ideas and solutions that apply tools and techniques of information, communication and computer science and technologies to reshape the future towards a new normal. Contributions for better understanding, prediction, prevention and mitigation of the consequences of any future high-impact events are welcomed as well. We expect to bring fresh insights in artificial intelligence, banking and finance, blockchain technologies, distance learning, e-commerce, healthcare, networks and communications, security, software systems,  transportation and delivery and all other relevant sectors. 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topic areas: 
  • Biomedical Computing, Technology, Engineering and Applications 

  • Bioinformatics and bioengineering technologies 

  • Standardization in life sciences 

  • Genetic engineering 

  • Robotics technologies 

  • Rehabilitation and assistive technologies 

  • ICT in Medicine and Healthcare

  • Intelligent systems 

  • Machine learning technologies 

  • Data science 

  • Information Engineering 

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Parallel and distributed processing 

  • Software Engineering 

  • Education in engineering and life sciences