Special Sessions

In the framework of the conference several workshops and special sessions will be organized. The participants are welcomed to propose their own special session or workshop. The condition is at least five presentations to be given at the special session.

Please submit your paper regularly on the EasyChair Conference Management System. Also send the title of your paper to one of the coordinators of your special session.

The following special sessions are already proposed:

Coordinators: Aleksandra Mileva, aleksandra.mileva(at)ugd.edu.mk and Vesna Dimitrova, vesna.dimitrova(at)finki.ukim.mk
Coordinator: Nevena Ackovska, nevena.ackovska(at)finki.ukim.mk and Slobodan Kalajdziski, slobodan.kalajdziski(at)finki.ukim.mk
Coordinators: Suzana Loshovska, suzana.loshkovska(at)finki.ukim.mk and Marija Mihova, marija.mihova(at)finki.ukim.mk 
Coordinator: Ana Madevska Bogdanova, ana.madevska.bogdanova(at)finki.ukim.mk and Vladimir Trajkovikj, vladimir.trajkovik(at)finki.ukim.mk
Coordinators: Jurij F. Tasic, jurij.tasic(at)fe.uni-lj.si and Urban Burnik, urban.burnik(at)fe.uni-lj.si
The following workshops are already proposed:
iKnow - Knowledge Management for e-Services in University Management
Coordinator: Marjan Gushev, marjan.gushev(at)finki.ukim.mk
German-Macedonian Initiative on Advanced Audio and Speech Signal Processing (GMI-ASP)
Coordinator: Dejan Gjorgjevikj, dejan.gjorgjevikj(at)finki.ukim.mk